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Eliminating The Barriers To Telehealth & Patient Retention

We know that mobile health intervention is an effective tool for retaining patients in care, but it's only as effective as it is accessible.

During the ongoing national pandemic, healthcare is rapidly evolving, bringing telehealth to the forefront of patient care. Telehealth is a proven strategy to improve health outcomes, but it’s gated behind socioeconomic privilege and leaves behind many of our community’s most vulnerable patients. One such disparity is the inability of many Americans to access digital health care. This silent epidemic affects lives daily.

Many patients, especially those in rural communities, face obstacles when getting the care they need. From access to reliable transportation and affordable child care to financial instability and lack of culturally competent providers, there is no shortage of hurdles standing in the way of disadvantaged populations accessing quality care. 

Well-implemented telehealth services can offer a clear path through these common barriers to care while improving health outcomes and boosting patient retention.

“We know that mobile health intervention is an effective tool for retaining patients in care, but it’s only as effective as it is accessible,” said Richard Walsh, our CEO. “It would be negligent to assume that every individual has access to the devices, internet, or knowledge necessary to engage in telemedicine.”

Like other leaders in the industry, we know telehealth is a privilege, but at Continuud, we believe it should be a right.” As Nathan Walsh, our CXO, said, “During a public health crisis such as this, we have to be proactive in ensuring that underserved communities have access to the care that they need in every way possible.”

Through our research and conversations with community health leaders, we have identified 4 common barriers to telehealth success: access to video-ready phones or tablets, access to a reliable & affordable internet connection, an understanding of how to use the device to access services, and trust in technology being used for health services.

Our solution is to create a platform that not only solves these problems but also enhances the patient experience and drives the best possible outcome of telehealth intervention. Our platform, Access, provides 8-inch tablets with an unlimited data connection to patients. Each device ships with a secured environment and limited functionality customized by the health care provider to include the tools that patients need to access care. We have created a simple deployment and warehousing solution to make it easy for organizations to get started quickly.

Our end-to-end deployment and recall services handle every platform aspect so organizations can remain focused on serving their patients. The platform supports patient-by-patient interface customizations, so each patient’s experience is tailored to their unique treatment plan. We have device insurance and a same-day replacement built into the program to account for loss, theft, and damaged devices, so organizations will always have access to the inventory they need to serve their clients.

At Continuud, we offer an integrated ecosystem designed from the ground up to enable health care providers to work more efficiently toward a common goal of driving positive health outcomes in their communities. Continuud is known throughout Indiana for our innovative approach to connecting high-risk populations to care and implementing strategic technology to help retain and learn from patients so providers can evolve with the needs of their patients.

To learn more about our platform, click here to visit our homepage. If you would like to schedule a demo with our team to discuss the platform in greater detail, click here.

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